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LMSA Scholarship Application: 2017

The “LMSA Scholarship for U.S. Medical Students” was developed in 2009 to assist medical students with the financial burden of accredited U.S. Medical School tuition. Personal qualities, financial need, academic and extracurricular achievement will be considered in the selection process.



LMSA National and the LMSA LGBTQ Caucus are now accepting applications for our first national scholarship: The JP Sanchez Scholarship.

This scholarship will be awarded for outstanding work in the field of LGBTQ Health serving Latinx patients in the United States. Applicants must submit an essay documenting their work in the LGBTQ health field. This can include scholarly work or advocacy activities. 


 **Please note, award amounts vary year to year. The scholarship will be a minimum of $500. Selection is at the sole discretion of the selection committee.

DEADLINE: MARCH 20, 2017 at 11:59PM (pacific time). Winners will be notified by MARCH 22, 2017 

Apply Now:


LMSA-National reserves the right to withdraw or withhold scholarship pending submission of necessary documents or falsification of any information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact LMSA national representatives at and/or the LGBTQ caucus leadership at and



  • Applicants must be current LMSA members with proof of paid membership (to be verified if selected). If you are not a member sign up HERE
  • Must be committed to pursuing a medical degree and dedicated to serving the Latino and underserved communities.
  • Applicants should demonstrate a desire to advance the state of healthcare and education in Latino and underserved communities through leadership in extracurricular activities and/or membership in civic organizations.
  • Eligible applicants should be either applying for matriculation into a U.S. accredited medical school in 2017 or be enrolled as a medical student in an U.S. accredited medical school by the time the award is given with expected graduation date of 2017 or later.
  • Students interested in applying to Allopathic and/or Osteopathic Schools of Medicine are welcome to apply.
  • Students are eligible to receive the scholarship regardless of immigration status.
  • Please see the application for additional details. LMSA-National reserves the right to withdraw or withhold scholarship pending submission of necessary documents.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: MONDAY, March 20, 2017 at midnight PST.

It is the student’s responsibility to submit a complete application and all supporting documents by the deadline, extensions will not be granted. Incomplete or late application materials will result in ineligibility.

1. COMPLETED APPLICATION for JP Sanchez LGBTQ Scholarship:

2. PERSONAL STATEMENT: Please write a required personal statement describing your family and personal background, professional objectives, involvement and contribution(s) to the Latino community (ie: volunteer experiences, work experiences, etc.), and how you would assist LMSA-National in its mission to provide health care to the Latino and underserved communities. The personal statement is one of the most important selection criteria and is equivalent to an interview. Please do not send any materials not requested.

• Incoming M1 students: Signed letter in official letterhead from medical school stating the applicant will be attending their institution and he/she is registered as an M1 student.
• For M2-M4 students: Signed letter in official letterhead from medical school stating the applicant is registered as a medical student in their institution in good academic standing.


5. Curriculum vitae (CV) 

Application questions and other inquiries should be sent to Please title your email: LMSA-National Scholarship for U.S. Medical Students 2017.



Congratulations to our recipients!


Jorge Torres



David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 

Jorge Torres is a first generation Mexican American who attends medical school at UCLA. He will be pursuing a neurology residency at Harvard where he will be focusing on neurological disparities and medical education. 


Cara Muñoz Buchanan


George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

"Se necesita un pueblo". My village of support inspires my resilience to face each new challenge in service of my vision. I seek to integrate social justice & progressive health policy to the practice of medicine. The LMSA is an inspiring space to build this intersectionality. ¡Adelante! 


Nelly Gonzalez


Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

A strong work ethic, resiliency, kindness, and grit are values my family has passed along to me. I plan to continue using my value system, and now my medical education, to care for patients and advocate for the Latino community.  

Jose Juarez


University of Pittsburg School of Medicine
I am honored to stand with my LMSA colleagues advocating for the rights of all Latinos in health care and preparing myself to one day serve our Latino community, especially those who lack access to health care, as a doctor.  

Jessica M Ocampo


Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

Empowering Latinx communities through education and advocacy is the foundation of my interest in medicine. As a first generation medical student it is important for me to serve and create equal opportunities for Latinx. This year, I plan to continue advocating for Latinx communities as an OB/GYN resident. 
 David Alejandro Sanchez


Howard University College of Medicine
Research and my community have led me to become interested in ameliorating the burden of HIV/AIDS in LGBTQ Latinxs. Through supportive organizations like LMSA, I feel empowered to become a physician-scientist focused on addressing diseases that afflict mi gente and other minorities. 
Carol’s Montes Castellon

MS 4

UC DAVIS School of Medicine

Family Medicine 
Healthcare is a right every person deserves regardless of immigration status, social class, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. As one of the first undocumented medical students in California, it is my mission and responsibility to provide compassionate care to for underserved communities.



Romina Kim



Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Coming from a multicultural background, as an Argentinean born to Korean parents, I developed a passion for working with diverse and underserved populations. This fall I will be starting my pediatric residency training program in Los Angeles, CA.  I hope to be able to affect change with the pediatric patient population and become a champion of change, particularly for the vulnerable and underserved. In addition, I plan to mentor students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds pursuing a career in medicine.


Jessica Ocampo



Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

Bridging cultural/language barriers and social justice are my passions for pursuing medicine. My involvement with LMSA has transformed me to become a future physician leader that creates awareness of social issues to provide equal opportunities to vulnerable populations. Currently, we are developing a policy regarding the importance of allowing DACA students to participate in the medical field. My career plan is to continue working in Latino communities and underserved areas as I pursue a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

Ruben Mora-Roman Jr.



Western University of the Health Sciences

As I reflect on my journey as Mexican-American, I am fortunate to find my passion in medicine and dedicate my life to the empowerment of the Latino community. I am fueled with the positive impact I have made through LMSA and I hope that through my hard work I can leave a legacy by inspiring future Latino leaders.  

Natacha Villegas



University of Texas Medical School at Houston


Growing up in a small island in the Caribbean, I never imagined I would be training to become a doctor in the largest medical center in the world. Now that I am past many obstacles, I want to help underrepresented minority students to overcome their perceived barriers to becoming health professionals, so that we can all work together to shorten the gap of access to care that disadvantaged communities suffer. 



Incoming M1

Marcela Zhou Zhang

Loyola Stritch School of Medicine,

Chicago, IL

Given my experiences and multicultural upbringing as a Mexican-American-Chinese, I am particularly interested in eliminating linguistic barriers and delivering culturally relevant health care to medically disadvantaged communities. I plan on becoming a physician with a strong presence as a leader in community health, working to empower and care for patients from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Incoming M1

Denisse Rojas

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY 

At Pre-Health Dreamers, a national organization I co-founded that supports pre-health undocumented youth, I have counseled over 200 pre-health undocumented youth, co-authored 4 unique resource guides, presented customized information at over 35 pre-health events, created unique programming to serve an annual group of undocumented medical school applicants, and helped write and pass California legislation SB 1159 that opens eligibility for professional licensing to undocumented immigrants.


Miguel Rodriguez,

Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine,

Fort Worth, TX

Seeing my family’s leadership, work ethic, perseverance, and sacrifice gave me the fuel to work towards a better life and make a difference through leadership in the Latino community. My professional goal as a future physician is to serve my Latino community in the Rio Grande Valley (southernmost tip of Texas), which is an underserved area in desperate need of primary health care physicians. My plan as a future physician is to emphasize disease prevention.


Carlos Estrada Alamo, Harvard Medical School,

Boston, MA

Growing up I was keenly aware of being an undocumented student; however, I refused to succumb to the fate this would entail. My desire to pursue an MD/MBA with a focus in healthcare delivery stems from a profound interest in reducing health disparities and improving patient outcomes.


Raquel Rodriguez

University of California Los Angeles,

Los Angeles, CA

My clinical rotations in the Los Angeles county hospital system reminded me of the issues that inspired my foray into medicine and thus I decided to enroll in a dual degree program in order to learn more about health policy. I hope to serve as a mentor for other students who lack the support to pursue health-related careers. I expect that my commitment to work with underserved communities will continue to fuel my endeavors.


Alvaro Galvis

University of California- Irvine

Irvine, CA

My involvements in LMSA and NHMA greatly influenced my growth as a leader and an advocate. I aspire to impact society by addressing the complexity of issues confronting us such as inadequate educational system, shortage of health care resources, and lack of health advocacy. I will utilize my MD/PhD to bring clinical resources and basic science research into underserved communities and to advocate in local, regional and national health forums.


Carlos Montes
Georgina Amarol
Marisa Castillo

Matthew Dominguez
Roman McInnerney
Maria Montes

Emma Olivera
Crystal Castañeda
Gricelda Gomez
Jasmine Swaniker

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